Sunday, August 30, 2009

Outdoor Environment

Snack Prep

Scrubbing veggies for our soup

Laptop Lunches

We love our bentos!

Snack Time

Look around and you will see

A family, community

Boys and Girls

of the Earth are we

Bon Appetit

Now you may eat!

Our Moccasins

We were all so excited to get our new classroom shoes. They promote a peaceful classroom and are fun to practice putting on! All the children decided to call them their "monkey shoes" instead of moccasins. Check out Soft Star Shoes to order some of your own. Miss Kayla and Miss Kari both want a pair!

Some Blue Art

I LOVE the sculptures. We did these by mixing plaster of paris and water in ziplock baggies. After we squished the baggies to our hearts content, we left them to dry. The next day we peeled off the plastic baggie and painted them BLUE! We decided they looked like ocean waves.

Some Red Art

Sticky texture collages

Our first couple weeks

Our new toddler classroom